Garbage Disposal Repair

Close-up of a garbage disposal unit under the sink.

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While not a necessity, garbage disposals offer incredible convenience. These units help get rid of many different materials, including a large amount of the food waste produced in your kitchen. This is why it can be incredibly inconvenient to discover your garbage disposal isn’t working as it should be, or even to find it isn’t working at all. When you need garbage disposal repair in Jackson, NJ you can rely on the pros at AME Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to give you a helping hand. Call today at 732-276-6997.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Though your garbage disposal may seem like a fairly simple unit, it can be surprisingly complex. This means a variety of issues can arise with your garbage disposal, and keeping it in the best shape possible means being able to identify these various issues.

Among the more common issues is jammed blades. You can detect jammed garbage disposal blades because the unit will typically turn on, though it won’t be able to grind up anything. You are also likely to hear a humming noise as the unit attempts to operate. It is always best to avoid trying to grind up items that could jam your garbage disposal’s blades, such as hard bones. In addition to causing problems with your garbage disposal, this could lead to severely clogged drains or plumbing leaks.

Garbage Disposal Has Stopped Working

In some cases, you may attempt to turn on the garbage disposal only to find it does not work. A variety of factors can lead to this kind of problem. Often, by simply checking the breaker that leads to the garbage disposal and making sure it is still plugged in beneath the sink, you can restore your garbage disposal to working condition.

Garbage disposal repair or even full replacement is usually required if there is no indication of what has kept the unit from working. It is also wise to seek plumbing help if you have noticed other problems that may be connected to a faulty garbage disposal unit such as a dishwasher that no longer works.

Replacement or Garbage Disposal Repair

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether you should get your garbage disposal repaired or if you should get a full replacement of the garbage disposal. By working with a professional who understands how these units operate, you can make the decision that is best for you and your needs.

Garbage disposal repair is often the right solution, costing less than getting a brand new unit while also getting it back to working condition. However, if there is extensive damage to the unit or it has become worn out with age, replacement is usually better.

High-Quality Garbage Disposal Repair in Jackson, NJ

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