HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement

Technician working on a heating system.

Identifying a Faulty HVAC Pressure Switch 

The HVAC pressure switch plays an important role in the operation of your heating system. It helps keep everything operating safely, identifying the suction created by the HVAC inducer motor so a gas furnace will only run when this part is working. Various issues can come up when the HAVC pressure switch is faulty. For example, your furnace may not be able to switch on, or it may switch on without blowing warm air. It should be noted that many other things can cause these issues as well, including a need for an overall gas furnace replacement. To find out whether you need HVAC pressure switch replacement or heater parts replacement for another component in your unit, reach out to the professionals at AME Plumbing, Heating and Cooling by calling 732-276-6997.